Dr. Brad Fieldhouse

Founding Partner & President

Brad is a Founding Partner and the President of Bedrock Creek. He has deep expertise in strategy, collaborations and capacity building. Over the years, he worked with hundreds of non-profits to help them achieve organizational excellence and life changing impact. His commitment to lifelong learning earned him a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City as well as a Masters of Divinity.

He serves as the Executive Director of CityNet, a regional association of cities and catalytic partners that support a network that allows city-level mobilization and partnership to develop and flourish. He is also the Founding Managing Partner of the Barnabas Group Los Angeles a gathering of Christian marketplace leaders where he empowers and engages business leaders’ time, treasure, talent and touch for the Kingdom of God.

Brad is a Southern California native who lives in Santa Barbara wine country with his wife Cari, their two teenage girls and two rambunctious boys.