City Net establishes, facilitates and provides backbone leadership to city-wide and regional Homeless Collaboratives.  These are multi-sector collaborative with the goal of ending street-level homelessness for most homeless neighbors in the city or region.

City Net Homeless Collaboratives consist of agencies from city government, law enforcement and other city first responders, incumbent work groups, nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, businesses, homeless neighbors and the faith community, all working together on shared goals, a common agenda, shared measurement and mutually reinforcing activities.

Shared goals are determined locally, but typically include goals such as moving homeless neighbors off the streets and on the path to permanent housing, including addressing the most difficult and costly cases, coordination of homelessness activities in the city and region, reducing community costs related to homelessness, and providing linkages to existing resources in the region.



The City Net team supports Homeless Collaboratives through our unique and proprietary process, developed and field-testedthrough years of implementation in dozens of collaborative efforts in causes such as homelessness, human trafficking, community development and education.  The activities in this process include:

  • Identification and enrollment of key stakeholders from city government, law enforcement, the faith community, nonprofit organizations, civic organizations, businesses and others.
  • Collaborative asset-mapping activities with key stakeholders
  • Creation and implementation of execution plans to accomplish shared goals
  • Creation and implementation of funding and sustainability plans
  • Ongoing professional street outreach and collaborative project management
  • Rigorous reporting and evaluation

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President: Brad Fieldhouse  brad@citynet.org

Vice President: Matt Bates  matt@citynet.org


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