The “Our Riverside, Our Neighborhoods” initiative is a citizen-led visioning and action-oriented planning process where Riverside residents will create unique neighborhood strategies for each of 26 neighborhoods in a 26 month time frame. Our Bedrock Creek/City Net team is facilitating this effort on behalf of the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership (RNP) members and City of Riverside Neighborhoods staff in order to develop a public process through which neighbors can work together to create a neighborhood strategy meant to help each neighborhood maintain or advance towards its full potential. Implementation of each strategy will be borne by the residents of the neighborhoods and other partners in addition to City Staff for an open and collaborative experience. The 26 in 26 will result in an ongoing community effort to identify and celebrate neighborhood strengths and empower residents to make the most out of those strengths.


Learn More: http://www.riversideca.gov/ourneighborhoods/

Client:  City of Riverside

 Contact:  Terri Larson     tlarson@bedrockcreek.com